International Shipping to Paraguay – Important Tips Before You Ship Overseas to Paraguay

Located in the middle of South America, Paraguay is bordered by Boliva, Brazil and Argentina. The population of the country is estimated to be around 6.5 million. The capital of Paraguay is Asuncion.

If you are moving to Paraguay or if you are a citizen of Paraguay returning to the country after having been away for a while, chances are you might want to ship some of your personal belongings, furniture, clothing and other household goods. Before shipping cargo to Paraguay, learn some important rules and regulations. For example, any cargo shipment coming into Paraguay that is not a diplomatic shipment will be open and inspected at the port or airport by customs officials.

If you are a citizen of Paraguay returning to the country and interested in shipping goods home, you need to have been living abroad for more than 2 years in order to import personal items duty-free. If you qualify for duty free shipping to Paraguay please note that you will need the following documents:

Your Paraguayan Identification
Identification or something similar for the country you are leaving
A letter or certificate provided by the Paraguayan Consulate at origin

In addition, please note that these documents will need to be given to the Repatriation Office in Asuncion where you will receive a Repatriation Certificate. Also, you are NOT allowed to import a vehicle to Paraguay duty-free.

Temporary Residents Shipping Cargo To Paraguay

If you are not a resident of Paraguay but are interested in shipping cargo to the country as a temporary resident, there is some important information you should know in advance.

You need to obtain a temporary resident permit (valid for up to 12 months) in order to ship household goods and personal items to Paraguay. Please note that you will be expected to pay duty fees and import taxes on your goods.

Foreign Diplomats Shipping Cargo To Paraguay

For foreign diplomatic personnel and individuals working with world organizations: You should plan to be in Asuncion at least three weeks before the arrival of your shipping container in order to receive your accreditation from the Paraguayan Government.

With the diplomatic franchise, you can import your household goods, personal effects, and one vehicle duty-free to Paraguay.

Permanent Residents Sea Shipping To Paraguay

If you obtain a permanent resident permit in Paraguay (valid for up to a decade), you are allowed to import personal effects and household goods duty-free. You will need a Customs Certificate which you can obtain by bringing essential paperwork to the Immigration Office in Asuncion.

Depending on your status, an original residence permit may be required. Required paperwork must first be presented at the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA┬┤s) in order for the documents to become legalized. After that, you can present all documents to the Immigration Office in Paraguay.

The customs certificate is only given during the first 6 months after obtaining the residence permit. After this six month period, duties must be paid.

Prohibited and Restricted Items When Shipping to Paraguay

If you are shipping cargo to Paraguay, please note that some goods are restricted or prohibited which include the following items:

Machinery for manufacturing currency
Daggers, hatchets, firearms or swords
Immoral or obscene books, films or other materials
Military equipment, arms, or any machinery used for war

Car Shipping to Paraguay

If you are interested in shipping a car to Paraguay, it is important to be aware that vehicles older than 10 years are not allowed entry into the country.

If you are car shipping to Paraguay, there is some required documentation that includes the following:

Original commercial invoice
Original vehicle title
Proof of permanent residence permit in Paraguay

If you are shipping a car or other type of vehicle to Paraguay, you may be expected to pay duty fees. Duty fees are approximately 35% to 40% over the value established by the Paraguayan Customs Officials. Diplomatic shipments are an exception to this. All diplomatic shipments are still required to pay port taxes.